Our Site Maintenance Services

TriDelta Design is an
Affiliate of Bluehost

Now that your website is up and running we want to help you keep it that way.  You are going to be busy working with your new clients so let us keep an eye on your website!  We are happy to offer 3 ways we can help.

Ad hoc Updates – $80/hr

This is perfect if you just need a simple text update, a photo added or removed or a minor formatting change.

Just the Basics – Call for pricing

WordPress Core Updates – Most sites require a plugin or core update at least once a week and major updates can sometimes break the site. Not updating your site can leave it vulnerable to attacks.  We will monitor and  update your WordPress core and plugins weekly to be sure your site is using the latest versions of each one.

Weekly Backups – Having a backup of your site’s files and database is critical to helping ensure your site keeps running as it should.  We will install and maintain backup software on your site and make weekly backups of your site’s files and databases. The backups of your website will always be accessible, no matter what happens.

But I Want More!

Full Website Maintenance – Call for pricing

Our full website maintenance package helps protect your site from unexpected interruptions and mistakes by providing support in the three (3) important areas.

WordPress Core Updates
Weekly Backups


Development Support Tasks

We’ll perform two 30-minute tasks for you every month. This means a simple email can trigger us to:

  • Post an article you’ve written onto your website
  • Add a new page from an existing template
  • Make minor styling changes, e.g. reformat text, change colors
  • Change content, text, or images
  • Find stock photos (cost of photo is extra)
  • Create custom graphics (e.g. buttons, banners, etc.)
  • Improve page loading speed
  • New plugin installation

General Support

Can’t remember how to upload an image or post a new article?  We’re available by phone or email to assist you.

If you’re ready to sign up or need more information please contact us today!